Current Customer

  • Version: 1.0
  • Host: {$$.env.store_domain}
More Info

If your application interacts dynamically with the BigCommerce storefront, and conveys information that is specific to a particular logged-in customer, you must confirm that customer’s identity within the insecure environment of the user’s browser.

To address this need, BigCommerce provides a Current Customer endpoint, which your app can access via JavaScript on the storefront. This endpoint returns a JWT with identifying details about the customer. The information is signed with your OAuth client secret.


  • An App Client ID is required in requests to /customer/current.jwt.
  • To generate an App Client ID, create an app in the BigCommerce Developer Portal.
  • Use the app’s secret to validate the signature on the JWT.
  • The app doesn’t need to be installed or published on a store to use the client ID to get the JWT.

For more information, see the Current Customer API page.