Process a payment on an order.


Payment Access Token:

  • X-Auth-Client
  • X-Auth-Token
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Accept: application/json

Stored Cards/Credit Card:

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Accept: application/vnd.bc.v1+json
  • Authorization: PAT a-valid-payment-access-token

Usage Notes

Depending on merchant’s configuration in BigCommerce’s Control Panel, the payment request will be processed as either ‘Authorize only’ or ‘Authorize and Capture’.

Payments can be processed using Stored Cards, Payment Tokens or Credit Cards. See Payments API Overview for more.

Error Codes

Code Description Possible Causes Possible Solutions
10000 An internal error has occurred within the API. Connection error Try the request again.
10001 Missing or incorrect required fields. Missing or Incorrect Fields Check the request for any data that is incorrect or is missing
30000 Merchant payment configuration could not be found. * The payment provider has not been configured in the store. Check the payment gateways settings in your BigCommerce store.
3001 Merchant payment configuration is not correctly being configured. The payment configuration is being rejected by the payment gateway. Check the payment gateways settings in your BigCommerce store.
Reach out the the payment gateway to check the information is correct.
30002 Vaulting service is currently not available. The vaulting feature is not enabled on this store. Reach out to the store owner to enable Stored Credit Cards
30003 Order could not be found. The order does not exist.
The order ID is not correct.
Check the current orders in the store using Get All Orders
30004 The validation on line item and grand total does not match. N/A Recreate the payment access token
Recreate the order
Ensure the store settings for taxes and discounts are setup correctly
30050 Payment instrument could not be saved. Credit card information is incorrect. Check that the card information is correct.
* expiry_month is two digits
* expiry_year is four digits
30051 The stored card was not found. The card requested for payment is not associated to the shopper. Use Get Payment Methods to see available vaulted cards
30100 Payment access token could not be created. N/A N/A
30101 Order is invalid. The order is in the wrong status. Orders must be in Incomplete Status with a status_id:0
The order must be created by the Checkout SDK, Checkout API or V2 Orders API. Orders created in the Control and set to an incomplete status will return this error.
30102 The payment was declined. The card information provided was incorrect
The token provided was incorrect
Check that the provider shopper information is correct
Make sure the token in the Authorization header field is correct
30103 Card has expired N/A N/A
30104 The payment was declined. Please contact card issuer for more information. N/A N/A
30105 The payment was declined due to duplicate payment being submitted. N/A N/A
30106 The payment was declined due to insufficient funds. N/A N/A


apiKey - X-Auth-Client
apiKey - X-Auth-Token

Request Parameters

3 Headers

Request Body

4 Examples


Payment has been successfully processed

1 Example

Identifier for this transaction


Transaction type for this payment

2 validations

Status to indicate a success response

1 validation

Send a Test Request

Send requests directly from the browser (CORS must be enabled)
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