What is an Order?

An order is a collection of items, along with customer and shipping information, that has been finalized with a payment or attempted payment.

Orders can contain both digital or physical products. Digital items are delivered via email and do not require a shipping address, whereas physical items require a shipping address and a delivery method.

BigCommerce offers two possible workflows for creating orders via the API: the Server-to-Server Checkout API or the Orders API.

  • The Server-to-Server Checkout API represents an extension of the Server-to-Server Cart API and can be used to complete a purchase from product selection to conversion.
  • The Orders API is used to retrieve or update existing orders or to push orders from a third party, like a POS, to BigCommerce.

Available Endpoints

Name Description
Storefront Orders Retrieve order information from the Order Confirmation page using JavaScript
Server to Server Checkout Create an order from an existing checkout
Orders API Create and manage orders. Can manage orders created via API or the Control Panel
Order Transactions Get transaction information for existing orders. Read Only Endpoint

Storefront Orders API

The Storefront Orders API can be used to return information about a just-placed order on the order confirmation page. You can interact with the Storefront Orders API using an app or a browser API.

For an example using the Fetch API to log order information to the console, see Storefront Orders API.

When to Use:

  • Scrape order information
  • Send order data to an analytics app

Log Orders to Console

console.log("Log Orders")
fetch('/api/storefront/order/{{checkout.order.id}}', {credentials: 'include'})
.then(function(response) {
return response.json();
.then(function(myJson) {

Server-to-Server Checkout API

The Server-to-Server Checkout API allows you to create a checkout programmatically and then convert it to an order. From there, the order can be managed in the Control Panel or using the V2 Orders API. See Server-to-Server Checkout for more.

When to Use:

  • Create an order from an existing checkout

Orders API

The Orders API can be used to create an order without first creating a cart and checkout. It also allows you to manage an order’s billing address, products, coupons, and taxes. See Orders API for a complete list of methods.

When to Use:

  • Create an order and bypass creating a cart and checkout
  • Make changes to existing orders
  • Retrieve or archive existing orders
  • Export or import order information to a third-party system

Order Transactions

The Order Transactions API is a read-only endpoint that returns transaction or payment data about an order. The data returned does not include payment tokens for a third party such as Braintree.

Orders processed via all payment providers except PayPal Express Checkout and Test Gateway will create a transaction that is retrievable via Transactions API. Gift certificates, store credit, and offline payment methods will not create a transaction.

When to Use:

  • View transaction information about an Order.

OAuth Scopes

  • Orders
  • Carts
  • Checkouts

For a more details and a full list of available scopes, see Oauth Scopes.


Webhooks Available

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